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Your trademark is a crafted personality profile of your business. It is much more than just a design or a slogan; it is your most valuable asset, and it is our mandate to protect it from violation.

Intellectual property rights enhance innovation and creativity, which in turn generate jobs, businesses, quality goods and services; and promote competitiveness. Our holistic brand clearance, protection, commercialisation and enforcement strategies will help you to protect your intellectual property rights and your brand maintain real competitive advantage.

Services we provide for businesses


A trademark gives you the exclusive right to use your brand in relation to what you do

Trademark Registration

To register a Trademark, you’ll first need to check that nobody else using it

Trademark Disputes and Infringements

It is vital to act quickly when a trademark dispute occurs or stop the infringement early

Investigation and Watch Services

The Trademark Watch Service Comprises a thorough screening of the Official Gazettes in Afghanistan

Domain Names

At MASNAD IP, we are the first IP firm which provide our clients with a full range of domain name services

Trademark Searching and Clearance

Our experienced attorneys will ensure the rights you want to exploit are free for use

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